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Growing Hemp? Start Here

On this page, we maintain an up-to-date list of links that should be useful to growers who currently raise hemp, or growers who are looking to cultivate hemp as research partners with New York State’s hemp pilot program.

For information about New York State Regulation and the Pilot Program:

Hemp production guides and extension resources:

Grain/Fiber Seed Sources:

Soil and residue testing labs:

Hemp Genetic Testing Services:

Pesticide Information:

The New York State DEC has updated their pesticide information database to add a designation for hemp. To access the database and to see if a pesticide is approved for use on hemp, go to: Click on Advanced Search to open up the search options. In the Use/Type box select HEMP (INDUSTRIAL) in the Pesticide Use dropdown box and then click search. (For guidance, see screenshot below:)

If people have asked regarding the use of a certain pesticide on hemp, NYSDEC includes its status in the database. For products that are not in the database, If anyone has a question regarding whether a product is approved on hemp and is not currently in the database, contact Jeanine Broughel ( for a determination. If approved, NYSDEC will update their database.

Cannabinoid Testing Labs:

Information on hemp diseases:

Hemp Insurance?

For information about hemp crop insurance, please read this document.

Hemp Exchange Board:*

From Orange County Cornell Cooperative Extension:

The need to exchange information on buying and selling plant products is evident.  Please see the link to the survey below if you are an interested buyer or seller.

Complete the survey and submit.  We will then download all of the entries weekly and put them in a spreadsheet on line.

That can be found here:

There are nicer, fancier blog-type boards and we hope to move to that model in the coming weeks but this will satisfy the current need and does not require you to create an account.  It is mostly for buying and selling plant matter but you’ll see that it could be used for equipment or other hemp-specific supplies.

We will update the list weekly with new postings.

*The NY Hemp Exchange Board is posted for your information and research purposes. Cornell Cooperative Extension does not endorse or recommend any product, service, individual, business or other entity. All “Hemp Exchanges” are posted at the discretion of CCE. “Hemp Exchanges” requests may be denied or removed at any time for any reason.

Other Resources:

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