New Report: Preliminary 2020 CBD and Grain/Fiber/Dual Hemp Budgets

Two new documents on hemp economics have been posted to the Cornell Hemp website so growers can develop budget analyses for this year.

The first, Economics of Producing Hemp for CBD in NY: 2019 Initial Estimates, outlines the variable, fixed, and total costs of production for a raised bed, plastic mulch, drip tape irrigation CBD hemp production system. Data from the 2019 growing season was used to create the report.

The second, Economics of Producing Fiber, Grain and Dual Purpose Hemp in NY: Preliminary 2020 Budgets describes the projected costs and returns of a conventional tillage industrial hemp production scenario for the coming growing season.

Both documents were prepared by John Hanchar. Hanchar is an agricultural economist at Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program.

You can find links to the documents in the article text above. Permanent links to the documents are listed on our resources page.