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Our Purpose-Driven Hemp Research

hemp researchers performing height and stand count procedures

Hemp is a promising crop. New markets for hemp have opened up after a recent wave of legislation. By growing, selling, and processing hemp, New York could revitalize its economy. Products from hemp include fiber for textiles and insulation, healthy hemp seed oil, animal bedding, and novel medicinal products. To realize its potential, research and extension are needed to ensure optimal crop productivity and quality.

As New York’s Land Grant University, Cornell CALS’s School of Integrative Plant Science has assembled an interdisciplinary team of researchers and extension specialists to study how the state can move forward in developing its hemp industry.

Our team will:

  • Identify the best commercially available hemp varieties to grow in New York conditions, and develop new cultivars that will thrive in New York.
  • Identify the best growing practices for hemp in New York, including seeding rates, best soil types, fertilizer rates, weed management, and the optimal time to harvest.
  • Identify possible barriers to this industry’s development, including seed issues, diseases, and insect pests, and will provide science-based solutions to these barriers.
  • Analyze and provide information on markets and end-product value.
  • Produce fact sheets, grower manuals, and internet resources.

We have designed this website to serve the public good by sharing what our team learns about New York hemp production. Click the image below to watch a video about our purpose-driven hemp research: